Its Time To WIN Damit!

I like to be positive and most of the time I look for ways to bring people up in life…. But this post is for all the people close to me who had a ruff September and who are losing the game or feel defeated in life right now.

Unfortunately the game rules are in place! Just be aware the game is designed to have losers and winners. That’s right it is not a win – win game it’s a loser – winner game. So if it is you that is wining this game life can be easy, smooth, and joyful. For the ones who are losing suffering, pain, and decay could be the words to describe the twisted funking game. Yes, I play this game… sometimes I hate the American way and sometimes I hate this funking game! But just like my mentor said if you don’t like the rules then go design your own country. So I will play and I will win, I will win not so someone can lose but so the people around me don’t have to suffer.

I will put a positive twist on this video. Remember the game is always starting over the winner today could be losing tomorrow. Like my mentor said “You have to think about the rain in the summer and plan”. Learn how to play this game and WIN if not for you do it for the people you love.


If you have been losing this game its time to start winning. Stop trying to play by your own rules. Learn the rules and play this game to win. DO IT NOW!

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One Reply to “Its Time To WIN Damit!”

  1. I can’t believe I just stumbled upon your blog. Anyway, the video was interesting. I’ve played that game…a lot…and have owned nearly all those properties…with hotels. It is all back in the box now. Except for that one green house that I took with me. It’s not going back in the box. It’s mine, I earned it and I’m keeping it. Therefore, I win! Heres to a great blog!

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